Meet Madden

First Impressions

Right off the bat I think that Madden is one of the prettiest young models working on the web. She´s extraordinarily gorgeous with perfect lips, a button nose, expressive blue eyes and a tight body that seems flawlessly toned. She offers small pictures from her most recent updates and they all look good. The big pictures from previous additions that adorn the tour are gorgeous too, especially the one where she´s wearing glasses and looking like a smart and sexy schoolgirl.

Hot Promises

Madden´s tour is all about showing you the sexy media that you´ll find in the member´s area. Those pictures and videos are wicked hot though so I recommend you take a look even if there isn´t much substance beyond that in the free area. She does mention two photo sets and one video begin added every week as well as the fact that all the content is exclusive. She also mentions doing weekly webcam shows although almost every girl that promises those stops doing them after almost no time at all.


A note opens the member´s area for Meet Madden and it gets things started on the right foot. You can read the note on the tour too but the important part is when she says that although she looks like the girl you could bring home to meet mom that she´s really the girl you´d love to bring to bed. Right off the bat she´s letting it be known that she´s a naughty chick into sexy, naughty play and I love hearing that. There´s also a gorgeous picture of her in an orange bra and panty set that seems to be inviting you into joining her in the bedroom. I´d like to do that for sure.

The picture galleries and videos to be added next are also listed on the member´s main page and they let you know that she´s still adding fresh content frequently. So far she´s been great about updating as often as she promised; two picture galleries and one video per week. Sometimes she adds two videos per week in fact. Moving to the photo section of the site I see that Madden has produced 50 galleries so far and considering that the site was launched just four months ago that´s genuinely impressive. I think you can count on her always having enough content to keep her many fans satisfied.

She lists 12 picture galleries per page with a thumbnail representing each to help you make an informed choice. All the galleries are hot though so no matter what you pick you´re going to end up a winner. The full sized images are stunning at 1400px and the photography is fantastic. Everything is crystal clear and Madden looks smoking hot, of course. She has a knack for picking super hot outfits and she likes to mix it up so you get a lot of variety too.

It´s important to note that Madden is a non nude model. In this case that means you´re not going to see her tits or her pussy on camera but it doesn´t mean that you won´t see most of her body. For instance, in a gallery she added in early August Madden is completely naked but she has a brown satin sheer wrapped around her body. First, the brown satin was a great choice and it makes her look insanely elegant and sexy. Second, you end up seeing almost every inch of her naked body with the exception of her tits. I´ve never objected to girls that choose to pose non nude as long as they´re beautiful like Madden and they make smart choices when it comes to outfits.

Madden mixes in a little bit of everything in her photo sets and videos. In one she´s wearing a long sleeve purple top and a pair of jeans and looking young, perky and cute. In another she´s wearing a black leather skirt, and black and pink polka dot camisole, her hair is teased and her makeup is done so she looks like a pornstar. She would be the hottest pornstar ever! There´s a great deal of lingerie as well, like the white chemise with red bows and white stockings. She looks virginal and naughty all at the same time and it´s a mighty potent mix for a horny young man like me.

My favorite content set has Madden posing as a schoolgirl. There´s a picture gallery and a video for it so she must have had some idea people were going to like it. The shoes are red Mary Jane´s, there are white thigh high stockings, her skirt is a super short plaid number and she´s wearing a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows. The finishing touches are a pair of glasses and her hair pulled up into a business-like ponytail. She looks smart and powerfully sexy at the same time and she´s not smiling in the set, instead preferring to work the naughty serious girl look. That one´s a keeper for sure and the zip of the gallery will be resting on my hard drive for a long time to come.

There are 22 videos at Meet Madden. They´re high resolution and downloadable and on each video page they display 12 thumbnails so you know what you´re seeing. There are a few videos where Madden is just posing for a photographer and they´re filming it but in most she´s putting on a show. She rubs an ice cube all over her body or poses in her schoolgirl outfit and dances. She rubs baby oil on her nearly naked body and writhes around like your large schlong is the only thing she can think about. Watching her suck on a popsicle was also pretty damn arousing.

Visiting the webcam page reveals a link to the archives where you can download 12 previously performed shows. There´s nothing about upcoming shows or even a link to the actual webcam stream. It looks like she doesn´t do them anymore but that´s no big surprise. I like that there are chat logs that you can read to feel like you were there with her enjoying the show. If you´d like to get to know Madden a little more you should check out her journal. Every two weeks she posts a lengthy message where she gives you the details of her life. It´s usually a couple thousand words so you´re getting good info on the girl you no doubt find yourself attracted to.

Croco’s Opinion

Meet Madden was launched in early June 2008 and four months later the site is already one of the best in the niche. Madden is an incredibly sexy young blonde with a tight body, a sweet smile and a love of getting naked and showing the world what she has to offer. She poses in sexy lingerie sets, slutty outfits and the occasional costume to arouse your feelings of desire. She loves to tease and as you browse her content you´ll grow to love being teased. Madden updates three times a week and already has a substantial collection of solo content to amaze and arouse including 12 archived webcam shows.


The member´s area is well designed and very easy to use.

Pricing Policy

$24.95 for 30 days; $49.95 for 90 days.
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